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Teamie Mint (1.36)

Hi everyone! Teamie Mint (1.36) is here and it brings a major change in how learning resources will be shared across the platform. With this update, we take the first concrete step towards introducing Personalised learning on Teamie. We have been building this feature as a competitive differentiator and its first stage encompasses the lesson […]

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Teamie Jade (1.33)

Hey guys! Hope you are doing good and practicing collaboration the Teamie way. We are here to share with you the details of our latest update, Teamie Jade (1.33). So, before we move forward, let’s give you the TL;DR version first: You can now expand and collapse sections individually Quickly switch to any material while reading […]

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Teamie Honeydew (1.31)

Welcome to Teamie Honeydew (1.31). This update will bring some small but powerful additions to Dash. Wondering what? Let’s brief you first. Migrate lesson progression to Dash Gradebook insights to provide better understanding of learners performance in a classroom See timestamp information for all the posts and learning resources Let’s see how these additions are […]

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