Peer Review

Hello everyone! We are glad to add a new feature to our product which will make the assessment engine even more powerful than before. As an instructor on Teamie, you can now create Peer Review assignments that require learners’ attempt to be reviewed by one or more of their peers, i.e other learners. Peer reviewed […]

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Multiple Certificate Templates banner

Multiple Certificate Templates

Teamie offers classroom/module completion certificates for learners once they achieve a set completion criteria, which allows them to showcase their achievements and proficiency. Earlier,  we had a common certificate template that was set as a standard at the site level and all the module completion certificates would be generated as per it. However, the single […]

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Non-Scoring Assessments

Greetings everyone! We are excited to introduce the non-scoring assessments on Teamie. Instructors can now choose to create assessments (assignments and offline tests) without attaching a score to them. Using a non-scoring assessment, an instructor can decide to grade a learner submission with the help of just a non-scoring rubric and/or a grade to achieve […]

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Survey on Teamie

A survey is a list of questions aimed to collect targeted data for the analysis of some specific aspect of a group or area. You can now conduct surveys on Teamie using the Survey feature which provides for the creation of feedback forms at a classroom/module/course level. Surveys are a type of material in addition […]

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Banner_Student Projects - Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Student Projects – Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Enabling Students to Define and Design their Assessments and Align them with Curriculum Standards At Teamie, we have been focused on enabling Personalised Learning. We started with teacher-led personalisation by allowing teachers to create units/lessons and assessments for specific individuals or teams of students. However, Personalised Learning is not just teacher driven but requires students […]

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