Blog post banner Rethinking Mastery Gradebook Introducing the Strand Mastery View

Rethinking Mastery Gradebook: Introducing the Strand Mastery View

As the education landscape evolves, so does our commitment to enhancing the learning experience for students, parents, and teachers. We’re excited to unveil a new feature that promises to transform the way mastery data is accessed and interpreted. Introducing the “Strand Mastery View” – a comprehensive and intuitive tool that empowers students and parents with […]

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Multiple Mastery Scales banner

Multiple Mastery Scales: Aligning & Assessing on ATLs and Subject Standards

Introducing the ability to have different Mastery Scales in Teamie While Standards-based or Mastery-based grading has a single Mastery scale on which student progress is assessed, we recognize that not all grade levels or subject areas may want the same mastery scale. Many of our schools also assess students’ Approach to Learning (ATL) and want […]

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Teamie African Penguin (2.26) Blogpost Banner

Teamie African Penguin (2.26)

Hello everyone! At Teamie, we are dedicated to continuously improving our platform to meet your unique learning needs. We are thrilled to present our latest update – Teamie African Penguin (2.26) that will undoubtedly elevate your learning experience. In this update, we’ve blended feature additions with enhancements to give your Teamie experience a remarkable boost, […]

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Teamie Mobile App Update (Android – 8.3.5, iOS - 5.6.9) Blogpost Banner

Teamie Mobile App Update (Android – 8.3.5, iOS – 5.6.9)

The most recent update for the Teamie mobile app includes several notable new features, which are listed below: Personalized Posts (Android – 8.3.5) At Teamie, we understand the importance of tailored communication to enhance learner engagement and learning outcomes. To further support personalized interactions on the go, we are thrilled to announce the addition of […]

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Teamie Addax (2.25) Blogpost Banner

Teamie Addax (2.25)

Greeting Teamie users! We are excited to announce the release of our latest update – Teamie Addax (2.25). This update is an amalgamation of two releases – 2.24 and 2.25 and with this update we are starting a new naming convention. The last several product releases have been named after stars, and from this release […]

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Teamie Yildun (2.23) Blogpost Banner

Teamie Yildun (2.23)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our latest update – Teamie Yildun (2.23). This update brings the configuration to show discussions in newsfeed along with the ability to filter posts using multiple hashtags and copy units from one unit planner to others. Let’s give you a TL;DR version of the update before diving into details: Site-level configuration […]

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