Teamie Gamboge (1.30)

Welcome everyone to Teamie Gamboge (1.30). This release is full of enhancements and some handy ‘to Dash’ migrations. TLDR versions for Teamie Gamboge follows: Rich text options in Stories Assigning grades to assessments Import quiz questions without switching to the old interface Give feedback on any rubric criteria attached to an assignment Set notification preferences […]

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Teamie Cinnamon (1.26) banner

Teamie Cinnamon (1.26)

Hey guys! Presenting to you our latest update, Teamie Cinnamon! As you know cinnamon is healthy for you, and so are we 😉 Let’s sum up the talking points first! Emoji support for both web and mobile platform User Expiry as an optional feature Quiz taking enhancements Transcoding of existing video submissions Excluding offline tests […]

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Teamie 1.23.1

Hey guys! As promised we are back real soon this time with Teamie 1.23.1. This Teamie update is an extension of our previous release 1.23. From this update onwards you can tag Teamie resources in your posts in a more effective and seamless manner. Also, site administrators will now have the freedom to export Gradebook […]

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