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Teamie Mobile App Update (Android – 8.2)

The most recent update for the Teamie mobile app includes several notable new features, which are listed below:

Parent Posts

Earlier, we had introduced the functionality of making posts visible to parents on the web. We are now glad to extend this functionality to our Android app as well.

The latest app update now enables instructors to share posts (thought, question or homework post) directly with the parents of learners in their classroom(s). These posts, known as the parent posts, allow for easy communication between instructors and parents, without the need for the parents to be added to any specific classrooms or groups.

While creating a post, instructors can enable the ‘Make Visible to Parents‘ toggle to make the post available to the parents of all learners in the classroom(s) the post is shared with.

The parent post will now be visible, in the Newsfeed tab, to all the parents whose children are learners in the classrooms where the post has been shared. The post will have an additional ‘Parent’ label to distinguish it from classroom posts, if any. In addition, the ‘Parent’ label will also be displayed to both learners and instructors in their classroom newsfeed.

💡 Parents will not be able to interact with the post, they can only access the post as read only. Parents:

Will be able to see the post header and content, including all attachments.
Will not be able to like, or see existing likes.
Will not be able to comment/reply, or see comments or even number of comments.
Will not be able to see participation, or take any action on the post.
Will not be able to report the post.
Will not be able to participate in the poll (if any). Although, they will be able to view the poll results.
Will be able to see the deadline of a homework/task post, but will not be able to mark it as done, or see the stats of users who have marked it as done.

Instructors have the option to make an existing post visible to parents through the post’s settings.

In case parents are part of any classroom(s), then they will able to filter the posts on the Newsfeed tab using the following filters:

  • All: To view the posts from all the classrooms, i.e your classrooms and your child’s classrooms (selected by default)
  • My classrooms: To view the posts only from the classrooms that you are part of
  • Children classrooms: To view the posts only from the classrooms that your children are part of

We hope that the parent posts feature will allow direct communication between instructors and parents and increase transparency which will prove to be time-saving and improved engagement leading to better educational outcomes for learners. Also, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts with us through a shout-out or by sending us an email.

Parent Instructor Messaging

Our recent app update brings Parent Posts to our Android app which allow instructors to communicate posts to parents of learners, without requiring the parents to be added to any specific classrooms/groups. We have also added the functionality to allow Parents to send messages to the instructors of their child’s classroom.

This can be done from the ‘About’ page of the required classroom. The About screen will have the list of instructor(s) followed by the classroom details.

The instructors’ list includes their details, such as, profile image, name, link to view profile and the message icon. Furthermore, parents can simply tap the message icon to send a direct message to the instructor. 

The advantage of direct communication between parents and instructors is improved transparency and collaboration in the child’s education. Parents can easily ask questions, provide feedback, and stay updated on their child’s progress, leading to better educational outcomes.

That’s it for this update. See you next time! Till then stay healthy and stay collaborative.

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