Teamie Eltanin (2.4)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our latest update – Teamie Eltanin (2.4). Hope you all are doing well in this pandemic situation. This update builds up on our last update with key enhancements targeted for an improved remote learning experience. TL;DR version of this update is as follows:   All new classroom calendar tab to view […]

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Teamie Canopus (2.2)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new update, Teamie Canopus (2.2)! In this update, we have rolled out the following features and enhancements: Export classroom newsfeed Sort newsfeed as per latest comments or latest posts Annotate images added as assessment submissions Send copy to instructors while sending email reminders to learners Unset a rubric scale while grading […]

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Banner_Student Projects - Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Student Projects – Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Enabling Students to Define and Design their Assessments and Align them with Curriculum Standards At Teamie, we have been focused on enabling Personalised Learning. We started with teacher-led personalisation by allowing teachers to create units/lessons and assessments for specific individuals or teams of students. However, Personalised Learning is not just teacher driven but requires students […]

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