Teamie Zaffre (1.49)

Hello everyone, hope all of you are in the pink of health! We are here to share with you the features that were rolled out in our upcoming update, Teamie Zaffre (1.49). This update primarily focuses on engaging users on the platform by rewarding them with badges, which will provide a visual identity for their participation […]

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Teamie White (1.46)

Welcome to the first update of the year 2019 – Teamie White (1.46). This update focuses primarily on enhancing assessments in Teamie. The following list highlights the main talking points of this update: Revamped offline record navigation for setting the scores through the full detailed view Importing scores for offline tests in bulk Exporting classroom […]

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Teamie Mint banner

Teamie Mint (1.36)

Hi everyone! Teamie Mint (1.36) is here and it brings a major change in how learning resources will be shared across the platform. With this update, we take the first concrete step towards introducing Personalised learning on Teamie. We have been building this feature as a competitive differentiator and its first stage encompasses the lesson […]

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