Teamie White (1.46)

Welcome to the first update of the year 2019 – Teamie White (1.46). This update focuses primarily on enhancing assessments in Teamie. The following list highlights the main talking points of this update:

  • Revamped offline record navigation for setting the scores through the full detailed view
  • Importing scores for offline tests in bulk
  • Exporting classroom people page list
  • Restricting the deletion of assignments and quizzes with submissions
  • Deleting learners’ draft attempts using bulk operations
  • More prominent feedback for quizzes

Before we start, let’s look back at what we added to Teamie in the year 2018 with the help of this video montage:


Revamped offline record navigation

With Teamie White (1.46), instructors will be able to record scores for offline tests quickly from the View Records page itself. This means that instructors will not have to navigate away from the offline test to the gradebook in order to capture learners’ scores.



Entering scores on the records page will continue to be seamless, by just pressing the ‘tab’ key to move to the next learner’s score cell.

Also, navigating between learners’ submissions is made consistent with that of the existing assignment submissions workflow. Navigation buttons will be present on the left/right side of the page to quickly move to the previous/next submission.


Also, the aforementioned submissions will depend on the filter applied on the records page. Hence, if the ‘active’ filter is applied, then only the active learners’ submissions will be present during navigation.


Also, while navigating between submissions, if instructors open a rubric for grading a learner and then navigate to another learner, the rubric will remain open for quick grading.


Importing scores for offline tests in bulk

Continuing with the offline test revamp, we would also like to inform that now you (instructors) can import scores for learners for an offline test quickly using a bulk import template.

As offline tests are primarily used by instructors to capture scores and add evidence on learners’ behalf for activities performed outside Teamie, this process can take quite some time for instructors to enter scores individually for each learner.

An ‘Upload Scores’ button will be present for offline tests through which you can download the bulk import template. Then, you can fill in the relevant details (username/email and score) and upload to import all the scores at once.

Take note that in case the relevant details are missing or incorrect, then those records will not be added, and you will be informed about the same. This way, you will be able to import learners’ scores in a more accurate manner.

We expect this would be a welcome addition for instructors to bulk import learners’ offline tests score in a go. We would appreciate it if you would give us a shout at @TheTeamie and share your feedback with us!


Exporting classroom people page list

As an administrator, you will now have the option to export the list of all the users in a classroom. An ‘Export’ button will be present on the classrooms’ People page for this purpose.

Once exported, you can find the following details in the downloaded excel sheet:

  • User’s full name
  • Username
  • Email id
  • Status (Active/Inactive)
  • Role(s)

By default, the exported excel will list all the users in the classroom irrespective of their Active/Inactive status at the classroom level.

Applied filters will also affect the export process. Therefore, if any filters are applied on the People page, then the exported excel will reflect the same. For instance, the following screenshots illustrate the process of exporting the list for active users in a classroom:


Minor Enhancements

Following are some minor enhancements that were rolled out in this update:


Restricting the deletion of assignments and quizzes with submissions

Sometimes an assignment or quiz gets deleted inadvertently (in spite of the warning). In case the quizzes/assignments have submissions from learners from one or sometimes multiple classrooms, then this leads to a lot of inconvenience for the instructors as well learners as all the learner submission will be deleted along with the quiz/assignment.

To prevent the inadvertent loss of data, we have added a restriction while deleting an assignment/quiz. A user cannot delete an assignment or a quiz if there is at least one learner submission present for the assignment/quiz. This restriction is applicable for quizzes and assignments in archived classrooms as well.


Deleting learners’ draft attempts using bulk operations

In some cases, instructors might need to remove the learners’ attempt that are in draft state. Currently, instructors can delete learners’ attempt in case they are published. From Teamie White (1.46) onwards, instructors will be able to delete learners’ draft attempts as well using bulk operations.


You can also remove only the draft attempt for a learner by selecting that learner’s attempt and then using the bulk operation ‘Remove Attempts’.


Similar to a deleted published attempt, each draft attempt deleted will also have an entry in the classroom’s activity stream.


More prominent feedback for quizzes

We received suggestions for enhancing the feedback that learners receive while attempting quiz questions. The current feedback is improved to show feedback to learners in a more prominent manner. In addition, we have also added a box around the feedback section and made the ‘Feedback’ heading stand out a little more. This way, the feedback will become hard to miss.

So, that’s it for the first update of the year. You can look forward to the upcoming updates this year that will make your learning and training more collaborative and fun!

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