Teamie Mobile Apps Update (Android – 5.7.2, iOS – 4.3) banner

Teamie Mobile Apps Update (Android – 5.7.2, iOS – 4.3)

Following updates were rolled out in our respective Teamie mobile apps to enhance your on-the-go learning experience. Android (5.7.2) Multi-language Support Earlier this year, we added multi-language support at the user-level on our web platform. This helped users to translate the web platform interface into their native language. We have now extended this functionality to […]

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Teamie Gomeisa (2.6)

Hello everyone! We welcome you to our latest update, Teamie Gomeisa (2.6). This update focuses on making enhancements to our existing workflows in order to cater to your needs more effectively. Let’s look at the TL;DR version of this update, before we dive into the details: Assessment grading and submission enhancements Option to set classroom […]

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Teamie Fafnir (2.5)

Hello everyone! We are back with our latest update – Teamie Fafnir (2.5)! This update brings a significant homepage revamp in terms of both functionality and design. Furthermore, we have extended our single sign-on options to include Azure AD B2C. Let’s first give you a TL;DR version of this update before we dive into the […]

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Teamie Dziban (2.3)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our latest update, Teamie Dziban (2.3)! Firstly, we hope all of you are healthy and safe. This update predominantly focuses on the integrations done to make your learning experience more collaborative and easily accessible. We understand that your learning and training needs would evolve during this difficult time, as you work […]

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Teamie Canopus (2.2)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new update, Teamie Canopus (2.2)! In this update, we have rolled out the following features and enhancements: Export classroom newsfeed Sort newsfeed as per latest comments or latest posts Annotate images added as assessment submissions Send copy to instructors while sending email reminders to learners Unset a rubric scale while grading […]

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Banner_Student Projects - Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Student Projects – Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Enabling Students to Define and Design their Assessments and Align them with Curriculum Standards At Teamie, we have been focused on enabling Personalised Learning. We started with teacher-led personalisation by allowing teachers to create units/lessons and assessments for specific individuals or teams of students. However, Personalised Learning is not just teacher driven but requires students […]

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