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Teamie Mobile Apps Update (iOS – 4.9.5, Android – 6.9.1)

Offline Test Records (Android – 6.9.1)

With the latest Teamie mobile apps update, we have made the learner view for offline test records native. Clicking the VIEW RECORD button will take the learner directly to the new native offline test record screen.

Teamie mobile apps update offline test records

Learners can also tap an offline test card to access its landing view and then click the VIEW RECORD button.

The record view will have the following components:

  • A navigation bar with the Offline test title. The main content area will show all the attachment(s) added by the instructor as evidence. Each evidence, if any, will be shown in a sub-tab of its own.
Teamie mobile apps update assessment submissions
  • The published score and any attached rubric will also be shown to the learners.
  • The total count of the comments added on the record view. The list of all the feedback comments shared by the instructor will be shown along with the learner’s comments. Learners can add new comments from the Comments screens in the form of text, audio recording, and/or both.

Support for Document, Video and Audio Attachments in Assessment Comments (Android – 6.9.1)

In tune with the web, we have extended the support to attach and view documents, video, and audio attachments in the assessment feedback comments.

The attachments added via the web can be accessed from our Android app. This will soon be available on our iOS app as well.

The different types of attachments can also be added from our Android app.

Teamie mobile apps update attachments

Take note that the Learners’ assignment attempt view would have native attachment workflow to even more conveniently attach different file types in an assessment’s feedback.

Internet Speeds Notifications (iOS – 4.9.5, Android – 6.9.1)

In some cases, fluctuating/low internet speeds can disrupt uploading of larger file attachments while using the Teamie mobile apps. Users might not be aware of these fluctuating speeds which may lead to an ordinary user experience. 

Hence, in order to enhance the user experience and apprise users of the issue, we will now show the internet bandwidth (upload speed) to users along with the existing upload progress indicator when they are uploading any attachments. In case the upload speed fluctuates, it will be updated and shown instantly to the users.

The following notifications will be shown in corresponding scenarios:

  • When speed is above the threshold (> 0.7mbps) of min. speed (Create Post/Edit Post/Comment/Reply):
  • When upload speed is below the threshold:
  • In case of assignment submissions, an additional notification will also be shown for the slow connections.
Teamie mobile apps update attachments

Note: If the upload process fails due to time-out, we will show a message “Sorry! upload failed”. Users can then choose to tap the post button again.

We hope this will help users quickly troubleshoot any internet-related issues and continue to get the best learning experience on our mobile apps. So, don’t forget to keep your Teamie mobile apps updated to enjoy a more comfortable learning experience with every new update! 🙂

So, that’s it for this update. See you next time! Till then stay healthy and stay collaborative.

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