Teamie Quaoar (2.15)

Hi everyone! We hope you all are doing well. Welcome to our latest update – Teamie Quaoar (2.15). This update brings the functionality of allowing instructors to hide posts in their classrooms/modules. Furthermore, we have introduced a digital resources feature that allows users to create links in different categories and make them visible to users […]

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Teamie Poerava (2.14) banner

Teamie Poerava (2.14)

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new update – Teamie Poerava (2.14). This update brings significant enhancements in the learners’ gradebook. Furthermore, instructors can now copy a lesson page to another classroom’s lesson as well. Let’s quickly give you a TL;DR version of this update and then dive into the details: Learners’ gradebook enhancements Instructors can […]

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