Teamie Emerald

Teamie Emerald (1.28)

Hey guys! A very Happy New Year 2017 and welcome to the Teamie Emerald (1.28) update.

This update is primarily to enhance the performance of our platform. The little troubles here and there, the “ohh, i wish this feature could be a tad bit faster”; this update will address many such niggling issues to make your Teamie experience smoother.

Our new year resolution is to make our platform more user-friendly and collaborative. What’s yours!? (share your new year resolutions with us at, we would love to hear them)

We won’t brag anymore. We’ll let you experience the enhancements and changes after your sites are updated to “Emerald”.

Adios. See you soon! Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us at In the meantime, we are leaving you with a montage of what we achieved in the year 2016. Enjoy!


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