Teamie android app update 3.1.2 banner

Teamie Android App Update 3.1.2

Hey Teamie app buddies! Hope all of you and your devices are doing fine 😉 We are here to inform you about our latest Teamie android app update 3.1.2.

This update is not a major update, but an amalgamation of few minor additions, and is aimed to help you collaborate effectively on the go.

The TL;DR version for the Teamie android app update 3.1.2 is as follows:

  • You can now star / unstar your classrooms from the Teamie android app (also available on Teamie iOS app)
  • As a learner, you can check what’s next for you to do in the classroom and quickly navigate to that material
  • Dual options for teachers to lock comments on their posts (will soon be available on Teamie iOS app as well)
  • Revamped leaderboard for enhanced gamification experience (also available on Teamie iOS app version 3.1)

Want to read more about the aforementioned features? Well, we decided to do something more this time and show you these updates through a video:



We hope that you liked the video. Do let us know your thoughts and we will keep them in mind while planning for our upcoming releases. So stay tuned, stay collaborative and don’t forget to update your Teamie android apps 🙂

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