Teamie White (1.46)

Welcome to the first update of the year 2019 – Teamie White (1.46). This update focuses primarily on enhancing assessments in Teamie. The following list highlights the main talking points of this update: Revamped offline record navigation for setting the scores through the full detailed view Importing scores for offline tests in bulk Exporting classroom […]

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Teamie Sapphire (1.42)

Hello everyone! We are bringing you our latest update – Teamie Sapphire (1.42). This update has a major addition for administrators. Before we elaborate on this, let’s first summarise the update for you: A detailed user and classroom report for administrators Flexibility to switch between existing post types Field to add description to a grade […]

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Teamie Quartz (1.40) banner

Teamie Quartz (1.40)

Hi guys! It’s been quite some time since our last release. But, we are back with our new update, Teamie Quartz (1.40). This update is filled with fresh new additions that would add an extra dimension to our platform. For starters, let’s see what Teamie Quartz (1.40) holds for everyone: Introduction of a virtual keyboard […]

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