Teamie Camellia (1.52)

Our latest update, Teamie Camellia (1.52), is all about enhancing and polishing the existing features on our platform. This update includes: Materials picker enhancements Materials page listing improvements SCORM assignment enhancements Minor Enhancements   Materials picker enhancements Materials picker is a useful tool to tag materials to posts quickly. Tagging materials allow instructors and learners […]

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Teamie Quartz (1.40) banner

Teamie Quartz (1.40)

Hi guys! It’s been quite some time since our last release. But, we are back with our new update, Teamie Quartz (1.40). This update is filled with fresh new additions that would add an extra dimension to our platform. For starters, let’s see what Teamie Quartz (1.40) holds for everyone: Introduction of a virtual keyboard […]

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