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Student Projects – Empowering Students to Design their Learning

Enabling Students to Define and Design their Assessments and Align them with Curriculum Standards

At Teamie, we have been focused on enabling Personalised Learning. We started with teacher-led personalisation by allowing teachers to create units/lessons and assessments for specific individuals or teams of students. However, Personalised Learning is not just teacher driven but requires students to have more ownership and say in their learning. Keeping that in mind, we recently launched the student self-assessment feature enabling students to reflect and assess themselves on the rubric as they submit their assignments. Today, we are launching the next step towards our vision of Personalised Learning – Student Projects.

Student Projects is a student-led assessment activity. The student defines what the project or assessment is, sets their own due date, and builds a rubric to define how they will assess the project. While creating the rubric, students can also pick from the learning objectives/standards from the curriculum, and use the Student Project to demonstrate their mastery on those learning objectives/standards.



Once the student creates the Student Project, the project is available for the teacher to review and make changes. Teacher can discuss with the student and can change the rubric, or other details of the project to refine the project details. Once the teacher has reviewed the project, they can “publish” it to make it available for that student to start adding evidence for the Project. Similar to an assignment, the student can have multiple attempts, and the teacher can assess on the rubric and give feedback and scores on each attempt. 

Students can create multiple projects and have them reviewed and assessed by the teacher for feedback. In a way, designing their learning activities and mapping them to the curriculum objectives/standards for which they are expected to demonstrate mastery.

We know schools that are focused on Personalised Learning have been wanting such capabilities in a platform, and we are glad to have some such schools as our customers, whose feedback has enabled us to empower students in designing their own learning. 

If you would like Student Projects to be enabled on your Teamie site, please write to You can learn more about the feature here.

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