Series AA

I am excited to share that Teamie has raised a S$1.5M Series AA round led by ACP and SPRING Seeds Capital, together with PhysTech Ventures and our existing angel investor. Please see the press release here for more details.

5 years

It’s been 5 years since we started Teamie with the vision of making learning more engaging, accessible and personalized. We’ve come a long way from May 2011 when we started our operations in a 400 square feet office space with 2 team members and 6 interns from NUS (National University of Singapore). We began the journey of converting slideware to software, and in 6 months the first version of the product was ready.

Today, our product is significantly different (better) from what it was in 2011. In the past 5 years, we wrote code and re-wrote it again, we added bugs and fixed them, and we continued to iterate, to listen closely to what our customers were trying to tell us, and built a product that we are proud of, and importantly, built a product & service that puts customers first.

Series AA

In some ways, it is unusual for a 5 year old company to raise a pre-series-A or AA round. Thanks to our customers, who have pioneered collaborative learning, we could invest in building the product and scaling our operations, without the need for external investment.

We can see that Asia is going through a phenomenal shift towards online and mobile learning, and many institutions and organizations are beginning to take their first steps to transform their traditional learning and teaching practices. We believe, Teamie is well-positioned to offer a scalable and flexible way for these institutions and organizations, who are either starting on their journey, or those who are maturing to the next stage of wanting to drive better engagement for their e-learning programs, to make this shift towards online & mobile learning delivery, more effectively.

To be part of this phenomenal shift, we need to accelerate our product, sales and support plans, and that’s where the series AA round comes in.

So what’s next?

This investment will allow us to work with more institutions, invest in more resources for local support through channel partners who will be present in different countries and most importantly accelerate some of our product plans to make learning more awesome.

In the next few months, we have lots of product updates planned – Our Stories feature will move out of Beta, and become ready for prime time; our Administrators will get better insights on what’s happening with the learning programs; our Quiz engine gets even slicker; we will continue to build on our new Dash UI to make the platform ridiculously easy to use and we will make some exciting announcements that will help our teachers leverage the power of the network to improve their teaching practice.

We’re just getting started

At Teamie, we say that there are 3 pillars of our platform – Social, Learning and Analytics. We feel, after 5 years, that we are just getting started with the potential of what can be achieved when you put these 3 words together, and the impact it can have on learning engagement, delivery and outcomes.


We have been constantly learning from our customers and partners, and that’s shaping our product and in-turn what the future of learning may look like. The last 5 years have been crazy and I’d like to thank our amazing customers for their trust & support, and our awesome team for their grit & dedication, and I welcome our new investors to join this fun ride as we change gears!

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