Why users love Teamie

Putting Customers First

Put Customers First – We are here for our customers. Our ideas, plans, processes, features, products, efforts are to serve our customers and make learning better for our users. We strive to make it easy for our customers in achieving their goals, learning objectives and outcomes.

This is the first of the six values that we at Teamie live by. We are obsessed with customer happiness at Teamie, in fact, we even have a User Happiness Manager in our team. Our product debates, engineering discussions, documentation storyboards, support responses and customer interactions are always built around the idea of putting the customer first.

So when we get a great testimonial from a customer, it strengthens our belief that we are moving in the right direction, and we can transform education & learning, one happy customer at a time.

St. Joseph’s Institution (SJI) International School is a leading international school in Singapore, who deployed Teamie after using Moodle for a few years, and going through a thorough evaluation process. Below are the kind words shared by Trevor Hughes, Assistant Principal, at SJI International about his experience of using and interacting with Teamie.

“As a school looking to replace a more traditional VLE we invited more than 16 vendors to demonstrate their products to us. The field was very quickly narrowed down to three, and discussions were plentiful.  In the end, the clear winner was ‘Teamie’. The concise, friendly, and familiar newsfeed offered opportunities for clear information and discussion, and small, but important features such as locking a post opened up ideas for formative assessment practices.

Lessons can be dynamic, and existing materials very easily imported and adapted. With ‘single sign on’ functionality and deep integration with other systems (SIMS Information Management System, Google mail and apps, Turnitin, to name just a few) Teamie has become the central resource for the school community with administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly students all finding the system easy to navigate and to use.

Since making the decision – the rightness of our choice of Teamie has been confirmed in many ways. Never have I encountered a support team so responsive and so willing to build their product to match the aims and philosophy of the individual school. Many ‘minor changes’ that other vendors may have said was impossible, or costly, have been quietly made to our installation to match with our stated mission as a Lasallian International School.

Our journey is just beginning, but confidence is high as we roll out the platform to all stakeholders – and we look forward to an ongoing partnership where we are not just a customer, but are invited to consult and help shape future iterations of the Teamie platform.”

(Trevor is an Assistant Principal at St. Joseph’s International School and has a background in IT within education. He has just started an Ed.D. researching the use of Teamie in providing formative feedback to students and teachers.)


At the start of 2016, we conducted a satisfaction survey which was sent to all users, and over 80% of the respondents were learners. We asked our users how they’d rate their experience of using Teamie, if we are better than other systems they had used, and what they like or don’t like about Teamie. The responses have given us a treasure trove of feedback that is feeding into our product discussions and will eventually become tweaks, updates or new features on the platform in the coming releases.

Apart from some very interesting ideas that gave us a glimpse into the future of learning coming from the learners of today, we got some great feedback on why they love Teamie. Teachers shared how the social learning features are changing the way they run their classes, and how Teamie can further assist them in the teaching & learning process. We have collated a few of the quotes from the students & teachers on why they love Teamie.

Why users love Teamie


We have heard some great stories about how teachers are using the platform to improve learner engagement, lesson delivery & formative feedback and overall learning outcomes, and we hope to share such stories with the community soon.

If you have a great story on how Teamie helped your class or have feedback to share, please write to us at contactus@theteamie.com 

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