10 integrations that you can leverage in your Teamie classrooms

While Teamie has a lot of capabilities, we understand that we cannot be the silver bullet for all problems. We know that teachers who use Teamie also use a host of different applications & services that are amazing at what they do, and we’d want our users to be able to continue using those services without breaking the learning experience & adding significant administrative overhead. 

Teamie integrates with a suite of popular applications & services using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Teamie is also IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant, which enables us to integrate easily with a large and growing number of LTI-ready applications, such as Zoom, OneNote, and Turnitin etc. 

Let’s look at the top 10 apps that you can integrate in your Teamie classrooms to improve your remote learning, especially in these tough times where Covid-19 has restricted the conventional classroom learning set up.

  1. GoogleApps
  2. Zoom
  3. OneNote
  4. GO1
  5. Turnitin
  6. H5P
  7. VoiceThread
  8. Google Hangout Meet
  9. Office365/OneDrive
  10. Embedding Padlet/Quizlet/YouTube/Prezi/FlipGrid (Embedded content)

Google Apps

Swiftly sign in to Teamie using your Google credentials via Google Single sign-on. It’s simple, intuitive and saves you the hassle of entering usernames and passwords separately. Although, you can always choose to have both conventional and Google SSO enabled on your Teamie site!

Google Apps integration also lets you harness the convenience and utility of Google Drive. So, you can pick a document from your Drive, or copy a Google Document for students when they need to submit an assignment, without ever leaving Teamie. Isn’t that an awesome way to share interesting stuff with others and also invite them to collaborate!


Zoom is one of the leaders in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. On Teamie, instructors can link online Zoom meetings to events created directly in their Teamie classrooms/modules. These meetings can then be joined by the members of the classroom through Teamie.

Teamie can also integrate with Zoom via LTI using which the Zoom settings will be available for instructors to enable / disable in a classroom.


Microsoft OneNote is an easy-to-use note taking and information management program which improves workflow and daily organization. It can be integrated with Teamie using LTI.

Once integrated at the site level, instructors can create OneNote notebooks for their Teamie classrooms and add learners to those notebooks. Learners can then access the OneNote notebooks created by their instructors in their Teamie classrooms.


GO1 is one of the biggest content providers with a wide selection of content on topics ranging from Compliance, Communication Skills, Finance to Health & Safety.

We have integrated with GO1 in such a manner that instructors can easily search and pick courses from GO1’s library and instantly create a SCORM lesson on Teamie using it. Instructors will be able to search for content from various providers, and add them to the classroom directly from the platform. The created lesson will have its details pre-populated.


Turnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, deter plagiarism, and improve student outcomes by providing plagiarism detection services. 

Using the Teamie – Turnitin integration, instructors can check the similarity score of a learner’s submission along with the report of the sources from which the content is being used in the submission, if any.


H5P is an open source community driven project that allows the creation, sharing and reuse of interactive HTML5 content.

Teamie has integrated with H5P to allow instructors to author rich interactive content in the lesson pages, on Teamie. As an instructor, once you are editing a lesson page, you will have the option to embed H5P Interactive Content in the lesson page. 

Learners can then interact with the content directly on the lesson page, or tap on the Fullscreen icon to see it in full screen mode. Furthermore, they will also have the option to tap on the View Results link to see their own results pertaining to the embedded H5P content, if applicable.


VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows learners and instructors to share a wide variety of media (images, PDFs, slides, video, and more) and to share text, audio, and video comments on that media quickly and easily. 

Teamie integrates with VoiceThread using LTI and similar to OneNote, a VoiceThread tab is shown in the classrooms/modules with the content from VoiceThread available to users with valid email accounts.

Google Hangout Meet

With Teamie – Google Hangouts Meet integration, instructors can link online video conferences to events created directly in their Teamie classrooms/modules. This Hangouts Meet conference can then be joined by the members of the classroom through Teamie. 

Office365 / OneDrive

Similar to Google Apps, you can leverage the Teamie – Microsoft Office365 integration for configuring SSO login with Office365 accounts. The integration with OneDrive will allow users to pick files from OneDrive right from within Teamie, and share them with their classes/modules as posts or assessment submissions.

Embedded Content (Padlet/Quizlet/YouTube/Prezi/FlipGrid)

In addition to the above integration, Teamie allows embedding content from third party sites, such as YouTube, Padlet, Quizlet, Prezi, FlipGrid and so on. So, the learning need not stop! Just add the embed code to a learning module and all its content and major interactions can be consumed within the Teamie platform. Awesome, right!?

We constantly work towards making learning more engaging, convenient and fun, and at the same time more compatible with the other services around us. Keeping this in mind, we aim to have some exciting new integration in the coming future.

Furthermore, If you don’t see your favorite application in the aforementioned list or you have an internally-developed application that you want to integrate with Teamie? Then, fear not! Teamie has its own set of APIs that can be used for integrations with such systems, and work together with your teams to create a seamless experience for your ecosystem. Share your thoughts on Teamie or get in touch with us, if you want to know more.

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