Teamie Help Center 2.0

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new Teamie Help Center. Now all the help you need to master Teamie is just a click away!

If you are new to Teamie, or a pro wanting to clear some niggly doubts, all you need to do is visit the Teamie Help Center. The one-stop shop for all the help you need, whenever you need it!

The first thing you see in the Help Center is a Search box. If you have a specific question or topic in mind, just search for it.

The Help Center is organised based on categories that are designed to take you from the basics to the more advanced Teamie features. You can start with the Teamie 101 category if you are new to Teamie, and then move on to the Getting Stuff Done category.

Let us explore the three categories we have for you: Teamie 101, Getting Stuff Done, and Mobile Apps.

Teamie 101 is a great place for you to start if you are getting introduced to Teamie. It offers an insight on the basic terminology and components used in Teamie. Confused about “What is a classroom?”. Scratching your head over differentiating online quiz from offline tests? What on the God’s green earth is the difference between a thought and a question? Don’t you worry! Simply browse through Teamie 101 category and ye shall find the answers.


Getting Stuff Done as the name suggests will help you get all your stuff done on Teamie by familiarizing you with key workflows.

Getting Stuff Done contains four categories: General, Administrators, Instructors, and Learners. The categories are structured keeping in mind the user roles on Teamie. Administrators, Instructors, and Learners category contains help articles of the respective roles. General category contains articles common to everyone.


Mobile Apps articles will be available pretty soon. It will cater to Teamie iOS and Android app users. So don’t you worry Teamie mobile app users, help is on the way!

We also have two more sections for you; FAQs and Latest Updates. Latest Updates section, as you might guess, will provide you links to articles on the latest Teamie product releases as well as any other exciting new updates.

You can get to the Help Center in two ways:

  • By clicking the link on the Footer of your Teamie site

Footer links for Teamie blog.png


We will constantly be adding more articles to the Help Center in the upcoming weeks. As our motto says, “To help you do what you want with Teamie in a jiffy!”, we’ll help you learn and teach better with Teamie.

If you could not find an answer to something you were looking for, please write to us at We’ll be happy to be of service.

Cheers and do visit the Teamie Help Center.

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