Teamie Mobile Apps Update (Android – 5.7.2, iOS – 4.3) banner

Teamie Mobile Apps Update (Android – 5.7.2, iOS – 4.3)

Following updates were rolled out in our respective Teamie mobile apps to enhance your on-the-go learning experience. Android (5.7.2) Multi-language Support Earlier this year, we added multi-language support at the user-level on our web platform. This helped users to translate the web platform interface into their native language. We have now extended this functionality to […]

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Teamie Mobile Apps Updates (Android – 4.5, iOS – 3.16.3)

The recent mobile app updates (Android – 4.5, iOS – 3.16.3) brought learning progression to both our apps. The Android app also gets a revamped and exciting view for assessments. Let’s talk about these updates in detail. Learning Progression In our last web update, we introduced learning progression for classrooms. Learning progression for a particular classroom make sure that learners […]

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