Apple Pencil Support

Apple Pencil Support for Post Creation (iPad only)

Apple Pencil users would already be familiar with its ability to perform finger-like precision tasks, such as writing and sketching. It is well known for its impressive drawings, art creation, note-taking, and similar tasks.

In an endeavour to incorporate the aforementioned advantages to our Teamie iOS apps, we have taken the first step. Teamie iOS app (iPad only) now supports Apple Pencil (both generations) while adding a post. While creating a post, iPad users will now have the option of adding a Pencil Canvas attachment.

The Pencil Canvas screen opens. Use the different options to write or draw the required content.

You can use various features placed at the bottom of the screen such as choose different pencil styles, highlight the objects on the screen as well as change their colour from the given colour palette.

Here is a sneak preview of how the Apple Pencil works while creating a post on Teamie. Enjoy!

Once you are done on the Pencil Canvas screen, you can just tap Done and the canvas will get attached to the post as an image attachment. As simple as that! You can also tap it to preview, if required.

Apple Pencil attachment

Once you are done with the post creation, just tap the Post button and the post will be shared with the attached image.

Apple Pencil

Another useful feature of using the Apple Pencil is the scribble feature. This feature allows you to scribble text using the Apple Pencil and that text will be automatically detected and entered in any text field on the app! Take note that this feature is only available for iPad running iOS 14 and above.

Apple Pencil scribble
Apple Pencil
Text entered using the Apple Pencil scribble feature

Apple Pencil in action

Following GIF shows the Apple Pencil scribble feature in action. Doesn’t it look and feel great!

Apple Pencil scribble feature in action

So, all you Apple Pencil lovers, all you need to do is update your Teamie app to the latest version and unleash your creativity 🙂

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